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THE MISSION by Jules Tasca

THE MISSION by Jules Tasca

Q & A with the Playwright

What's your Florida connection?

I was one of the winners in the 2006 Miami Art Alliance Playwrighting Competition.

How many plays have your written?

I have written over 100 published plays which have been produced nationally and internationally.

Did you write this play for school, workshop, theatre, etc.?

I wrote this play for professional theater production.

Did anyone you know inspire the characters?

Both characters in The Mission are ficticious, but their personal struggles are reflective of the conflicted natures of human beings.

What inspired the plotline?

The conception that gender or shame of gender can become a tragic, destructive human flaw.

Please tell me about some of the symbolism in the play.

The biggest symbol in the play is the setting in a prison - people can become prisoners of their gender map.

What is/are the dominant theme(s)?

The dominant themes are gender denial and self-loathing.

What do you hope is the "takeaway" for the audience?

I hope that the audience will see the fragility of existence juxtaposed against the tragic dimensions of living a life filled with seething denial of one's sexual map.

Who did you work with in Miami?

Ellen Wedner and the Miami Art Alliance and Ricky Martinez, Director of the New Theater.

Is there anything autobiographical in the play?

As I mentioned above, both characters in The Mission are ficticious. But a playwright's job is to observe, reflect and create. Observe human nature in all its terrible beauty. Reflect on these observations. Mesh observations, reflections and research. Try to create something tangible which brings to light parts of the human soul which often linger in the darkness.

What are you working on now?

I am working on a play about a very successful actress who is experiencing the frightening reality of loosing herself to Alzheimer's Disease.

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