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Our Exhibiting Artists

Laura Bruney Laura Bruney

I have been an avid photographer for over two decades. My passion for photography is fulfilled by my search for the glories of nature. I have stood in awe of sculptured landscapes touched by the emerging light of dawn, the day's last rays and the haunting glow of moonlight.

Many of my images were created during the early hours of the morning or at the moment before the last rays were overcome by darkness. I love being somewhere wild and remote during these times to see something exceptional happen between the light and the land.

The reason I photograph is to experience the beauty of nature, of natural, untouched places. I explore the essential elements in our world to discover the magic and mystery of the landscape.

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Buffalo Field Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone Lake Early Light

Coltor Bay Marina

Past Exhibiting Artists

» Tatiana Enriquez
» David G. Russell
» Calixto Amador
» Mark Vance
» Marcelo Mansilla
» Ana Carolina Moreno
» Alexis Rivero
» Tara Vodihn
» Monica Arche
» Sid Daniels
» Daniel Garcia
» Cristina Chacon
» Pauline Goldsmith
» Henry Perez
» Andy Cole

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